ULTRA FRACTAL: Some Art & Gradients

  This website contains some fractals I’ve created with the Ultra Fractal software. Please note that all fractal art is copyright to me, abstractartangel. You’re free to use the Gradient parameters on this website~ if you do, please credit me for them; thank you. Ultra Fractal 6 ~ the newest version ~ is available for…


Ultra Fractal gradients

Importing Images into Ultra Fractal

Someone asked me recently if it was possible to import images into Ultra Fractal. The answer is ‘yes’ and this is really easy to do by following the steps below: Open any fractal you’ve created and want to use. Create a new layer; this is the layer you need to import your image into. To…

Some Spheres

Blues   Petals Sphere   Flutterby Sphere   Rainbow Sphere   Spring Sphere   Ethereal Sphere   Cosmic Waterlily   Gilded   In the Pink   Festive

Some Spirals

Spiral Cut   Ice Cream Colours   Spiked   Twisted Keys   Spiralled

Some Gnarls

Gnarl 1 Gnarl 2   Gnarl 3   Gnarl 4   Gnarl 5